DATE DE SORTIE : 17 janvier 2017
ARTISTE : Nova Materia
LABEL : BYM records
Nova Materia

All The Way

Caroline and Eduardo scoured the scenes of Europe and Latin America for over 12 years with their post punk band PANICO. Ten albums later, Caro and Edu launch a new project: NOVA MATERIA. NOVA MATERIA was born from the willingness to consider music as a direct derivative of the natural and industrial elements that surround us. More electronic and experimental than PANICO, the duo uses raw material to transform and recycle: scrap metal tubes, stones rubbed on metal, drum, beat boxes, bass, electric guitars used as percussions….To refine their sound Caro and Edu fetched parisian DJ and producer CHLOE, a real expert in turning raw elements into gold nuggets. Their first EP « APARECE EN SUENOS » released on Paris based label Kill The Dj is a concentrate of wild energy, live act ferocity and sound experiments magnified by CHLOE. Their second EP « ALL THE WAY » will be released through chilean label BYM on Jan 2017 and will feature remixes from Alejandro Paz, Föllakzoid and Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand.

Edits/Mixage Laurent de Boisgisson & Lucas Ramos

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